The Craps Table

The craps table has a specific layout which assists progress of the game. Craps is based on special types of bets which players must place in order for the game to proceed. The layout of the table is created in line with this betting structure. What’s more, the bets are laid out two times, on opposite ends of the table. The bet areas are arranged as a mirror image of each.

Players who want to play online will benefit from understanding the layout of a casino craps table because online casinos have recreated the table in detail. In a casino, the players stand around the table and place their bets using casino chips. The game is guided by the dealer who administrates bets from each player.

Craps Table Basic Design

A table is typically composed of green felt. The betting sections are printed on the felt, in words and diagrams. The values of each roll are laid out in each section. Nearest to the edge of the table is the Pass Line. Moving towards the centre is the Don’t Pass Line, then the Come bet section and Field, Sevens, and craps in the middle. The same pattern is followed on the opposite side.

The Occupants

The table is flanked on all four sides by players. The dealer heads up and is also responsible for making sure that players follow the rules of the game. The dealer also fires up the players to encourage them to place more bets. The dealer makes sure that the game is both controlled and enjoyable. Sometimes, usually during the day, dealers give lessons to players who want to learn how to play craps.

The table is run by up to four casino employees, namely, the boxman, two base dealers, a stickman, and the dealer. The players stand around the table and place their bets. Players must wait their turn before being able to place a bet and roll the dice.

How the game is played

Craps is played using casino chips. Each player has a turn the roll a pair of dice. The player rolling the dice is called the “shooter”. Players place bets by placing their chips on the sections of the table. They can also ask the dealer to place the chips for them. When a player wants to join a table, he or she should approach the table and check if the dealer’s “On” button is on the point numbers. If the button is set on “Off” it means that the table is on a come-out round and a point has not been established. If the button is “On” it means that the table is in the point round and bets can be placed.