Online Gambling is Taking Over!

The advantages of online gambling have intrigued millions of people worldwide and the online gambling army is growing daily. A steady internet connection is all you need and some people still are not convinced that you can actually win real money online. Casino goers do not have to drive to land-based casinos anymore for their favourite game because it will be available online. Click and play, it is really that straightforward!

What makes online gambling so special?

  • The sheer convince of gambling anywhere, anytime and at anyplace! Players can now access their favourite online casino game with a click of a button. How cool is that?
  • The variety of online casino games is astounding and online casino game developers release new games daily. Land-based casinos just can’t compete with the standard of games available online.
  • Top-class online casino security and fraud protection software is available at honourable online casinos. Players instantly think that being connected online is fatal because of phishing, but the good news is that some online casinos strive to place their players in a risk-free gaming environment by continuously developing cutting-edge security software.
  • Twenty-four-hour-a-day online casino customer support is habitually available at various online casinos and players can contact their online casino with any problems at any time!
  • The “Free play” gaming mode has enabled risk-takers to play with free casino credit. The advantages of this mode are that players can try out new games or learn new games with absolutely no cost involved! Players should however remember if you win in “Free play mode” no actual real winnings will be transferred to your account.

Interesting statistics about online gambling

  • Canadians paid out $11.3 billion on permitting gambling in 2001.
  • The GAO (General Accounting Office) expected global takings would reach $5 billion in 2003. Half of that Income came from U.S. customers despite that setting up an online casino in the U.S is illegal…
  • The U.S. GAO (General Accounting Office) approximates there are at least 1,800 online casino sites worldwide and most of these online casinos are hosted in the Caribbean.
  • In 2010, revenues were worldwide and the online gambling frenzy will most definitely keep growing!

Online gambling is surely taking over despite all the controversy and the fear of identity theft. Join an online casino today and experience why it is loved by millions and rapidly growing into the ultimate form of online entertainment!