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Play Free Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a favourite card game amongst most casino players. It lends an air of simplicity, yet it remains challenging. Both professional players and amateurs strive to perfect their strategies in order to beat the dealer, and yet…it is a game of chance.


Blackjack is popular at both land based casino and online casinos, as a result, online casinos offer members the opportunity to play Blackjack for free. This option is exclusive to selected online casinos and is an opportunity every player should grab. Playing free online Blackjack is great for three reasons; if you want to learn how to play the game there is no better way than learning it first hand, playing for free gives you room to practice without losing any cash and lastly…you can play for fun for free!


Some online casinos offer you the option of playing this ever famous game without having to register or download any software, so if you are on the move and want to learn something new or practice, what better way is there than playing an instant and quick round of Blackjack.


Teaching yourself when to hit and when to stay is an essential with Blackjack. If you can better your knowledge of what each card is valued at, you can better your chances of winning. In order for you to beat the dealer, you will need to learn to know when to take a chance and when to let it go. This comes from experience and practice, which you can now do online and for free!


Even though you may think that the game is just about getting 21, it really is all about how you get there and who you beat on your way up. So when you think of Blackjack as an easy and simple card game, think again! After all, why else would all the professional players be playing this exciting card game in tournaments! Practice your hand today and take advantage of the free ride!


Online Gambling is Taking Over!

The advantages of online gambling have intrigued millions of people worldwide and the online gambling army is growing daily. A steady internet connection is all you need and some people still are not convinced that you can actually win real money online. Casino goers do not have to drive to land-based casinos anymore for their favourite game because it will be available online. Click and play, it is really that straightforward!


What makes online gambling so special?

    • The sheer convince of gambling anywhere, anytime and at anyplace! Players can now access their favourite online casino game with a click of a button. How cool is that?
    • The variety of online casino games is astounding and online casino game developers release new games daily. Land-based casinos just can’t compete with the standard of games available online.
    • Top-class online casino security and fraud protection software is available at honourable online casinos. Players instantly think that being connected online is fatal because of phishing, but the good news is that some online casinos strive to place their players in a risk-free gaming environment by continuously developing cutting-edge security software.
    • Twenty-four-hour-a-day online casino customer support is habitually available at various online casinos and players can contact their online casino with any problems at any time!
    • The “Free play” gaming mode has enabled risk-takers to play with free casino credit. The advantages of this mode are that players can try out new games or learn new games with absolutely no cost involved! Players should however remember if you win in “Free play mode” no actual real winnings will be transferred to your account.


Interesting statistics about online gambling

  • Canadians paid out $11.3 billion on permitting gambling in 2001.
  • The GAO (General Accounting Office) expected global takings would reach $5 billion in 2003. Half of that Income came from U.S. customers despite that setting up an online casino in the U.S is illegal…
  • The U.S. GAO (General Accounting Office) approximates there are at least 1,800 online casino sites worldwide and most of these online casinos are hosted in the Caribbean.
  • In 2010, revenues were worldwide and the online gambling frenzy will most definitely keep growing!

Online gambling is surely taking over despite all the controversy and the fear of identity theft. Join an online casino today and experience why it is loved by millions and rapidly growing into the ultimate form of online entertainment!


Cool Casino Specifics

Here is a list of interesting and cool casino facts you might not know:


  • Players who chase their losses are occasionally referred to as steamers, pigeons; or plungers.
  • The largest slot machine payout is $39,713,982.25 (£25,361,761), won by a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles after depositing in $100 (£64) in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Hotel Casino on March 21, 2003.
  • Approximately 76% of males and 68% of females gambled in the UK over the past year. 75% of adolescents gamble.
  • A 1910 law made it illegal to gamble in Las Vegas.
  • Over 100,000 people play poker at the Bellagio in Las Vegas each year.
  • The world record for an over-all jackpot was set in December 1999 at $1.2bn (£750m) by Spain’s El Gordo, meaning the Fat One. But the Spanish lottery is also the world’s easiest – it spreads the reward pool among thousands of winners, with a one in six chance of winning.
  • In Poker, a pair of Aces and eights is called the dead man’s hand – so name because this is the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when shot dead.
  • Blackjack is the only game that affords players the chance to play with a calculated edge over the house.
  • Gambling became legal in Las Vegas in 1931.
  • Boulder City, located a few miles southeast of Las Vegas, is the only metropolis in Nevada that forbids gambling.
  • On 1 June, Joachim M. won the largest online slot jackpot ever… $1,779,827 playing Major Millions slots at Jackpot City Online Casino
  • 20% of the world’s high intensity electronic gaming machines are situated in Australia.
  • The highest gross gaming income spawned by the casinos and amusement developments of a city in a year is US$7,673,134,286 (£5,416,584,982) by Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in 2000.
  • The chances of getting an Ace high Royal Flush in a 5 card poker deal is 650,000 to 1.
  • The probability of getting four of a kind in a 5 card poker deal is 4,000 to 1.
  • The odds of winning Powerball in the US IS1 in 80,089,128 and in Australia: 1 in 54,979,155.
  • The likelihoods of winning the British, Canadian, French or Spanish lotto’s are the same : 1 in 13,983,816
  • Australian grown-ups, on average, spend more cash each year on gambling than on sporting events or cultural and entertainment activities.
  • 40% of all Australians gamble at least once per week.
  • Shrimp eating in Las Vegas is more than 60,000 pounds a day — higher than the rest of the country combined!


Top 10 tips for online casino gamblers

Online gambling is a very cool form of online entertainment and online casino newbies need to do some research before gambling instinctively. There is allot to learn before gambling online and luckily some superb websites offer online casino industry guidelines, tips, tricks and the latest news on online gambling. Numerous online casino players have skipped the step of research and regret it to this day. Here are the top 10 tips for online casino gamblers:


Do not gamble whilst drunk

Yes you can win or lose when gambling it whatever condition but you do not want to wake up with a mind-numbing hangover and realize you are broke.


Use online casino promotions:

Almost all online casinos offer regular promotions, bonuses plus rewards and players should use these online casino bonuses to the best of their ability. Maybe that match bonus was all you need to win that progressive jackpot…


Manage your bankroll

Stick to a set online gambling session budget and remember to only bet 5% of your overall bankroll at a time to lengthen your online gambling gameplay. Know when to stop and don’t think by betting bigger you will win all your losses back seeing that gambling has no certain outcome.


Find that perfect online casino

The Grade- A technique to sidestep these online casino fraudsters is to play at online casino sites that are reliable, trustworthy and that have first-rate reputations.


Join high roller programs

If you’re getting ready to use a great deal of cash at an online casino, check if they offer an extraordinary loyalty or VIP program.


Gambling is gambling

You might lose, you might win. It is that simple


Take frequent breaks

Keep a cool head and stay fresh every time you hit bet.


Look for Progressive Jackpots

Find out what online progressive jackpots are available because they are inevitably the big sums of cash that can change your life forever.


Beat the casino’s odds

Play the online casino games that offer you the best odds and keep in mind games like blackjack, video poker and baccarat offer you better odds.


Play games with great odds of winning:

A few noble online casino gamblers know the odds of every game like the palm of their hands and continuously formulate strategies around the odds. It’s simple, know your odds!


Play At Online Casinos Instantly

Have you ever wished that you could play at casinos instantly? Snap your fingers and be at your favourite casino? Skip the issues of driving, looking for parking, getting dressed etc? Now you can…and easily to! Thanks to the internet casino lovers are able to access all their favourite online casino games instantly! That means that people no longer need to worry about what they look like or how they will get to the casinos destination. You need not look good for anyone and you can play whenever you choose.


Players can now treat their insomnia with a few games at the tables, or perhaps they would prefer playing slots…whichever game tickles their fancy, they are able to access. The process is a simple one and after a few registrations at online casinos, players will have a wide variety of casino games to choose from.


Not only can you become a member at various online casinos, but you can play games instantly and for free! So if you feel like you would rather test the waters first, you can try out one of these free plays. They are easy enough to find as many online casinos attract new members using this method. It is also a great way to better acquaint yourself with games that require more skill. Enjoy complex games and challenge yourself! This will keep you entertained for hours and with all the online casinos available, you will never be bored again!


The next time you feel the urge to play casino games, simply open your laptop and enter the keyword search into your browser. You will gain instant access to casinos and never look back! Trade your car keys for the couch, trade your smart clothes for slacks and sit back and relax. Find out what all the perks are of online gambling and discover a new world. Play at online casinos instantly!