American Roulette

If you love playing online roulette and are keen on trying out American roulette then you most likely wonder how it is different or similar to French and European variations. In essence, all variations of the game are similar but contain subtle difference which set them apart. However, do not underestimate these difference because they are very different and make the different versions unique. While a firm grounding in the French version will get you far, you still must know the special rules of each game, namely European and American roulette.

Roulette, meaning “little wheel”, originated in France in the 17th century. It gradually made its way over the Atlantic to the United States where it quickly gained players and even adapted to suit their preferences. The American version is different due to the extra zero which the game was given when it reached the United States. Here the game adapted to adopt an additional digit.

Playing American Roulette

Apart from the added zero, playing the American version is not that different. In fact, the differences between French, European, and American variations are very subtle. The layout of the game is standard across all versions and the rules, numbers, and bets remain consistent. You can try American Roulette for free at, without having to create a casino account.

How is American roulette played at an online casino?

You will notice the game controls placed along the bottom of your screen. These controls include the bet, spin, and stop buttons. The majority of online casinos require you to click on a chip value in order to select a chip. You must then click on the section of the board where you want to drop your chips. You will be informed of the numbers you choose every time you place a bet. The game will also present other important instructions or pieces of information of which you must be aware in order to play successfully. You have to download the online casino software before you start. You can choose to play online, but you may experience limited functionality.

Betting structure

American roulette is easy to grasp. The wheel has pockets of red and black and is number 0-36, 00 being the special figure. Outside bets tend to pay out less while inside bets are more complex. There is a misconception that the house has a bigger advantage in American roulette. While this is true to a certain extent (due to the double zero), it does not entirely limit your chances of winning.